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Caryn Murray

By the Grace of God, I am thriving after a Stage-4 Appendix cancer diagnosis in 2013. I dedicate my life to sharing all that I have learned from cancer with others. These huge lessons can be applied to any of life’s time-stopping disruptions, where everything is turned upside-down and inside-out; it could be the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, a divorce, or like me, a divorce, bankruptcy, and a devastating diagnosis all within 9 months. We need to stop going through life on autopilot and not truly being present to living. No one has to wait for the rug to be pulled out from under their feet by their Wake-Up Call to put their priorities in order, get back on track to living the life you were born to live, fully alive and fully present. Let me show you how!


I am a trained Shaman, a Radical Remission Certified Teacher & Coach, Energy Healer, an Awakened Living Guide and a Quantum Human Design Specialist. My healing tool box holds numerous trainings and certifications which I bring into every session.


It is my great honor to walk this path with you!


At every chemo treatment I wore my shaman's hat from Peru!

In May of 2013, at the age of 54, I was diagnosed with Stage-4 Appendix cancer and in total shock! Everything happened so quickly. I followed the doctors' recommended treatment plans, which included a hysterectomy and initial tumor debulking, four rounds of chemotherapy, while preparing for HIPEC surgery in September of 2013. HIPEC surgery is considered "cutting edge" medicine, where after tumor debulking 'hot chemo' is put inside your belly to get anything microscopic. September 9, 2013 is the day I was told there was NED-No Evidence of Disease for the first time! Mine was a long healing process and probably took a good 4 years before I began feeling like myself again; or should I say the upgraded, 2.0 me?! I am forever grateful for my team at Loyola University Medical Center and Dr. Gerard Abood.

Great T-shirt! Two years ago..jpg

This is the T-shirt I wore to the hospital preparing for my HIPEC surgery!

I combined the very best modern medicine had to offer with many complimentary alternative energy healing modalities. My sister, Eileen, was my caregiver for a year and a half. Her family lovingly took me in their home and allowed my care to take precedence over everything else. I hit the jackpot in caregivers! Eileen is a wellness coach with a PhD in Holistic Health. You can find Eileen at:

My mantra!  _-).jpg



  • Food was my medicine! Lots of juicing!

  • Eliminated dairy, sugar, processed foods

  • Energy Touch

  • Reiki

  • Color Light Therapy/Lumalight by Spectrahue 

  • BioMat Heat Therapy

  • Medicinal Accupuncture at Harvard Medical School

  • Vibrational Therapy with VibroAcoustics

  • Faith healing with Mark Earlix, John of God and the Chimayo Sanctuary in NM

  • Prayer of friends, family, prayer groups, and church 

  • I incorporated all of the 10 healing factors in Radical Remission in my life without even realizing it.


Bottomline, I am here to remind you, "You are not you diagnosis! Your body is amazing and holds miraculous healing capabilities!" I am so blessed to be alive and cannot wait to empower those currently on their own personal journey. 



I AM a lifelong learner and lover of life!

  • Graduate, Healing the Light Body School, Shamanic training, the Four Winds Society and Alberto Villoldo

  • Dying Consciously Facilitator with the Four Winds Society

  • Radical Remission Workshop Instructor and One-on-One Cancer Coach with Dr. Kelly Turner

  • Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, Core Competency, with Linda Bark

  • Level-4 Quantum Human Design Specialist with Karen Curry Parker

  • Graduate, American Institute of Holistic Theology, BS

  • Akashic Records Teacher Certification with Linda Howe

  • The Reconnection I, II, III with Dr. Eric Pearl

  • Angelspeake Workshop Facilitatorwith Barbara Marx and Trudy Griswold

  • Inner Focus Mystery School with AlixSandra Parness

  • Reiki I and II

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