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Understanding we are Spirit and our physical body is the vehicle for our Soul

If we believe we are Spirit and Infinite, we understand our Soul is much larger and vaster than that of our physical body. It is so important to be grounded in our physical body, as it is the vehicle for our Soul in this earthly experience. We must understand the relationship with time and space in the physical. Our energy must be in the Here and Now. The Infinite within the Finite, in the Here and Now, our Soul being the Infinite and our physical body, the Finite. Manifestation occurs only in the Here and Now!

It's really important to call back your energy that you have left out in the the office, in a Zoom meeting, at school, driving in traffic, in your community, in your intimate relationships. This is something that can be done as part of your prayers at the end of each day.

I've have the privilege of learning from many teachers. The intention prayer is the cumulative effect these mentors have had on me. I bring together the wisdom from my beloved, Jackie Mom, who opened the doors of living a spiritual life to me. To Natalie Cutsforth, Sita PK, and Robin Winn, with your new book, you all have inspired parts of this prayer melded within my own understanding. Thank you so very much! The very first time I did an exercise of calling the parts of myself back to me, it was profound and palpable, Feeling all of me in my body, was an empowering new sensation, one that was grounding within me. I invite you to try this, to see what it feels like to stand in your power and essence, here and now.

I acknowledge my Soul as vast and larger than my physical body. 

I honor my physical body as the vehicle that holds my Soul as I walk through life.

For these reasons, I consciously call back my energy from all times and all places. 

I call back all the energy that I left out in the world or left with another person.

I call back my power from all times and all places because it belongs with me.

This energy holds facets of my pure essence.

I celebrate all my parts returning home, back within me.

I can reclaim my power because it is the Truth of my being.

I call back all my energy from all times and all places, Here and Now. Amen!

If you only say, "I call back my energy from all times and all places, Here and Now!" It's enough!

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