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One-on-One Sessions

Are you interested in going deeper to expand your spirituality and intuition? Are you willing to look at the patterns you repeat or the things that trigger you? Have you considered the power of the words you use and the vibration it puts out into the world? What do you want to attract and manifest in your life? Through self-discovery, understand the power of how your mindset, emotions, and intention manifests in your life. To understand the Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions connection better, imagine envisioning an iceberg. The physical body is what is above water (we only see the tip of the iceberg) and the mind, spirit, and emotions are under the surface of the water, or the subconscious. These are the areas where we bury suppressed emotions and traumas that can impact our lives and health dramatically. It is important to look at all these areas to release anything that is stuck or not resolved in order to find balance. This personal work begins and ends with loving yourself completely!


Certified One-on-One Radical Remission Coach

Stack of zen stones with words Mind, Bod
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