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Best Advice I Received After My Diagnosis

It's really important not to identify with cancer. What do I mean by that? You have to realize when many people hear someone has cancer they automatically say they're sorry and send you pity. Society as a whole puts an equal sign (=) with Cancer = You're going to die. Who needs that?! Not me and not you! My beloved spiritual mentor, Jackie Mom, always said, "Honey, don't name your diagnosis. When you name it, you claim it. Just hold it as a "condition" as conditions are easier to move through!" This way of holding your diagnosis without naming it with the "c" word is held by many alternative healers and spiritual traditions, including my shamanic training.

From an energetic perspective, can you remember when some workers used to 'clock in' with time sheets when beginning work? They put their time card in the machine and it stamps the time they start and end. Many times they 'punched holes' in their time cards at the same time. Now let's apply that to a cancer diagnosis. When you fully accept the word 'cancer' as your diagnosis, it's like stamping your energetic body, like a branding. Along with that energy stamp comes the subconscious meanings still held in society.

I am very mindful with the words I choose. I believe in the power in the vibration of words to create our world.

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