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HIPEC Surgery for Abdominal Cancer
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I just completed my teacher training of

What you would experience at a

First and foremost, tremendous support from others also on their own journey. You are not alone!

This workshop is for anyone going through cancer, plus loved ones and caregivers, looking for HOPE and action steps that can be implemented in your life right away!  #HOPE

Learn and incorporate into your life right away, action plans to  #EMPOWERYOURSELF with the 10 Healing Factors that are safe, scientifically proven lifestyle changes that will improve your immune system, reduce treatment side effects, and improve your quality of life!

  • Take charge of your healing; be proactive.

  • Radically change your diet; Look at food as medicine and fuel for your body.

  • Explore herbs and supplements based on what your body needs.

  • Identify your strongest reasons for living. What keeps you going?

  • Recognize your intuition and how it communicates with you. Are you paying attention?

  • Release suppressed emotions and traumas that do not serve you nor support healing.

  • Increase positive emotions. Remember what brings you joy and makes you happy, then do a lot more of that! 

  • Accept love and support from others and at the same time, learn to love yourself.

  • Deepen your spiritual connection and practice.

  • Incorporate Exercise and Movement into your days. For me, it has to be fun. Honor your body's 

    ability in the moment too.


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