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& Energy Healing

Shamanic Healing sessions offer sacred ceremony to rebalance energy, clear space, and seed the dreams of your becoming.

CHAKRA CLEANSE clears stuck energy or heaviness held in the chakras. The strength of each chakra is first evaluated, then cleared of debris, ILLUMINATING the lowest effected chakra (by filling with light, which fills the energy system), and rechecking the balance and spin of each chakra. Many people report feeling 'tingly' or lighter afterwards. 

THE DESPACHO CEREMONY  creates a prayer bundle for fire ceremony based on your prayers and intentions. By using things from nature (leaves, seeds, flowers) and symbolic items, (which can be safely put into a fire pit) along with sweets, a mandala is created with these items and wrapped like a beautiful present as an offering for the fire. A flower is placed on the outside of this ribbon-wrapped bundle to represent anything unsaid or forgotten in your offering. One attendee described it as "prayers offered up, exploding like fireworks in the heavens."

The Despacho Ceremony is key amongst the healings offered by the Andean, the South American Peruvian Shamans. 

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