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"I have received one-on-one coaching from Caryn and recommend her highly. Her quality of character, depth of presence, and coaching skills are rare and valuable. Caryn was able to support and accompany me as I explored change in my life. She was right there with me helping to add the right measure of deep listening, reflection, insight, and accountability as I discovered my deeper meaning and intrinsic motivation for change. I was able to make important connections and move forward easily and joyfully. I believe in Caryn because, in addition to these wonderful attributes, she walks the talk of presence and change in her own life. That is the mark of a true agent of change." ~Heidi, Minnesota

"The tremendous love and kindness innate in Caryn supported me as I was going through my cancer journey. Caryn is a medicine wman with so many gifts. Her support is persistent and unwavering and I can feel her standing right beside me in the darkest hours. Caryn's encouraging words are like a pair of warm hands holding mine every step of the way on the scary path of my cancer journey. I am deeply inspired by her love, wisdom, and courage. Caryn is a mentor, a loving warrior sister and an angel on Earth. I am forever grateful."             ~YL, Washington

"Every single one of my sessions with Caryn, not only  gave me hope on how to work through my cancer journey, but also in my new life. Caryn gave me the energy I couldn't have found anywhere else." ~Isabelle, MD, Colorado

"Caryn is compassionate, attentive, holistic, and able to dive deep into discovering root causes of chronic underlying issues." ~Cris, AZ

"I learned from Caryn that I don't need to keep waiting for the miracle to happen; I AM the miracle and in that second of choosing-my entire story's energy expanded to infinity and beyond. Caryn possesses the most contagious and loving magic!" ~Dina, New York

"The greatest benefit of working with Caryn is her ability to listen and be intuitive. She is able to dissect words and emotions and give feedback on managing those words and emotions. Caryn has a calmness that is reassuring, and one feels that she innately cares!" ~Liz, Florida

"Caryn helped me connect more with myself and accept myself more. I am very grateful for the constant support, which means a lot to me. I experienced a line between people having cancer and those without cancer. She is very inspirational and helped me to see I could still be joyful and grateful while experiencing cancer. Because of the many ways Caryn keeps in touch with me, I now "'pay it forward' by connecting with newly diagnosed cancer patients and allow them to talk. Whenever I felt isolated, I would receive a text from her. She's always doing selfless acts of kindness. I feel we are connected." ~Preeti, MD, Maryland 

"The greatest benefit I receive working with Caryn is having someone who has both empathy for the shared experience of having cancer and the attitude and tools to help manage it. Hope, belief, empowerment, and a friend all in one!" ~Mike, Florida

"Caryn is an amazing and extraordinary woman. Her story is obviously hers to share. What you get from Caryn, always, is honesty, compassion and knowledge. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was scared, terribly scared. I found it very difficult to talk about what was happening to me and how afraid I was. But something screamed in my head-call Caryn. And I did. She was so understanding, calm, filled with uplifting information and hope. The support that she gave me helped me to dig deeper than I thought I could and face what I needed to do. And more importantly, to TRUST that this was my life journey and I had to follow the path before me. Courage, trust, petite woman gave me more, in a short period of time, than any of my doctors could give. I am forever in awe of what Caryn embodies. She is a true messenger. Call it what you will-the force that is stronger than we are. I call it the Universe, she calls it God. She is filled with love and light and I continue to be blessed just from knowing her." ~Pat, Illinois

"Caryn has been a beacon of hope during my appendix cancer journey. Her battle with this rare disease provides a unique perspective and understanding that I have found invaluable. Her holistic approach draws on spiritual healing, nutrition, and exercise to compliment the care from medical specialists. Her empathetic soul gently suggests and encourages techniques to navigate the ongoing challenges of cancer." ~Francesca, North Carolina

"I cannot adequately express the appreciation I feel for the guidance, support and mentoring Caryn provided after I was diagnosed with Stage IV appendix cancer. My doctor said I would live 6 months without treatment and the research and treatment was grim. I was not going to leave my young sons! Caryn has many gifts and is so kind; the perfect mentor for this journey. I am blessed to have been helped by Caryn! She changed my life!" ~Justine, RN and Radical Remission thriver, NJ

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